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Cinn Brown
I just want to thank Vernon for rescuing me. My car broke down not too far from my house. I was just about to start crying because although I was almost home I was still in the middle of the road. Then out of nowhere like an angel Vernon pulled up & said can I at least tow you out of the road? I said sure thanks...I almost made it home. He said where's home. I told him & he said I can get you there. He towed me home & wouldn't take any money. He said just leave a comment on facebook or recommend our service. I have been telling everyone who will listen about Pink's towing & just referred a friend earlier today. Thanks so much're a God send.
January 26 at 11:11pm

Debi Redding
Best tow company ever!
November 6, 2012 at 6:55am

Thomas Locke
Best towing service ever!
May 22 at 9:34am via mobile

Katie Ettinger O'Brien
Thank you for the help today!
April 9 at 7:02pm via mobile

Melissa Hargrove
This is the best tow service in Jacksonville. Thank you so much.
June 10 at 2:38pm near Jacksonville

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